Representation of Professionals

Representing Physicians, Professors, Lawyers, and Other Professionals

Professionals, including physicians, professors, lawyers, and others, often have unique needs with respect to employment matters.  Many professionals practice together as a group, which leads to employment, partnership, shareholder and other agreements.  Similarly, when professionals leave a practice group, there are often substantial matters that must be addressed, such as those concerning buy-out terms and non-compete provisions.

University and college professors also have unique employment matters, specifically those concerning tenure (and tenure denial and appeals), and issues concerning benefits and retirement.

We are experienced in representing professionals in these and many other matters.

We review and advise clients on matters involving employment, shareholder, and similar agreements regarding professional group formation, severance, non-compete, and other agreements relating to leaving employment or a professional group, and we represent university and college educators in connection with tenure denial and tenure benefits.

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