Representative Cases:

Employment: Discrimination

  • Obtained jury verdict and $378,000 judgment, after interest, following two-week trial on claim that executive was harassed and ultimately pushed out after she disclosed her alcoholism treatment.
  • Obtained $600,000 settlement for client who alleged retaliatory discharge after she filed a complaint of racial discrimination against state agency.
  • In Cooper v. Raytheon, won $192,000 judgment, plus interest, after trial for an employee of Raytheon who was unlawfully demoted from his engineering position due to discrimination against his disability. We proved that Raytheon failed to accommodate the employee’s disability and discriminated against him on the basis of his disability.
  • In Ravesi v. Naz Fitness Group, Inc., won $180,000 judgment, plus interest, after trial for a transgender personal trainer who was fired from her job due to her gender non-conformity.
  • Obtained $125,000 settlement for sixty-five year client who alleged her hours were reduced and she was being forced to resign and replaced by a younger employee.
  • Obtained $120,000 settlement for former employee of police department in sexual harassment and constructive discharge case.
  • Obtained $96,000 settlement for former employee of technology company who was terminated after he raised concerns about harassment of another employee.
  • Obtained six-figure settlement for client in religious discrimination case against major financial institution.
  • Obtained near six figure settlement for four public transit workers in race discrimination case.
  • Obtained $93,000 settlement for two female employees who claimed they were sexually harassed by their boss.
  • Defeated summary judgment motion by police department against sergeant who served as court prosecutor and was forced to retire on disability when department refused to allow him to serve as court prosecutor any longer and said he was too disabled to serve as sergeant.
  • Obtained $230,000 settlement for public official who was terminated from her position after requesting intermittent leave from her position to help her husband’s cancer treatment.
  • Obtained $95,000 settlement for college professor whose contract was not renewed after she disclosed her disability.

Employment: Wage and Hour

  • Obtained settlement of $150,000 for employee who had worked on public construction sites but not been paid the prevailing wage.
  • Obtained $250,000 settlement for salesman who alleged he was not paid his earned commissions prior to termination.
  • Obtained $100,000 settlement for employee claiming unpaid overtime and FMLA violation
  • Obtained $425,000 settlement for a salesman who claimed that his employer failed to pay him earned commission.
  • Obtained jury verdict in favor of sales director for unpaid commissions claim on theory that company had failed to pay him commissions on sales of entire sales department consistent with the terms of his employment contract.

Civil Rights

  • Obtained six-figure judgment for a public official who claimed that his employer violated his First Amendment rights by terminating his employment because he spoke out on matters of public concern.
  • Obtained ground-breaking decision from federal judge who ruled that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts must provide sex reassignment surgery to a transgender prisoner as necessary medical care guaranteed by the Eighth Amendment.
  • Obtained punitive damages award for Iraqi war veteran who was denied an apartment by an anti-war activist because he was a veteran
  • Obtained $60,000 settlement for woman who claimed that she was denied a service contract due to her gender
  • Obtained $25,000 settlement for woman who claimed that she was harassed by her condominium board due to having children

School Bullying

  • Obtained $125,000 settlement for student who alleged harassment and bullying due to his Jewish heritage
  • Representing female student in federal lawsuit who claims school officials ignored her reports of bullying and threats of violence, resulting in her being assaulted at school

Employment: Unfair Labor Practices

  • Obtained six-figure settlement for security officer of major Boston-area employer who alleged unfair labor practices arising out of union organization efforts.
  • Obtained $140,000 settlement for manager at national telecommunications company who alleged harassment based on refusing to engage in unfair labor practices;
  • Obtained $100,000 settlement for sales representative at national telecommunications company who alleged harassment based on union activity

Employment: Civil Service Commission

  • Successfully appealed bypass of police officer candidate for Boston based on psychological evaluation
  • Obtained several settlements in bypass appeals resulting in candidate receiving additional consideration for appointment/promotion
  • Obtained decision in favor of claim that Boston Police Department and the Human Resources Division of Massachusetts improperly used the selective certification process for December 2010 police academy class. The decision resulted in the Civil Service Commission initiating an investigation into the hiring process for the December 2010 police academy class. You can view the decision here.

Employment: General

  • Obtained favorable settlement for a private security guard who claimed that her employer violated her right to privacy by publishing details about a workplace assault.
  • Obtained $57,000 settlement for client alleging misrepresentation in job offer.

Precedent-Setting Cases:

  • Fraelick v. PerkettPR, 83 Mass. App. Ct. 698 (2013), establishing that a demand for repayment of business expenses is protected activity under the Massachusetts Wage Act
  • Angiuoni v. Rosa, 999 F. Supp. 2d 318 (D. Mass. 2014), establishing that a subordinate’s act motivated by discriminatory animus toward a military veteran that causes an adverse employment action can trigger liability under the Uniform Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act
  • Kosilek v. Spencer, 889 F. Supp. 2d 190 (D. Mass. 2012), establishing that the Massachusetts Department of Corrections violated the Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution when it denied an inmate sex reassignment surgery to treat her serious psychiatric condition. (The decision was upheld initially on appeal by a panel of the First Circuit Court of Appeals, and then reversed by the full First Circuit in a 3-2 decision).
  • Niles v. Huntington Controls, Inc., 92 Mass. App. Ct. 15 (2017), establishing that the Department of Labor Standards should be afforded deference in interpreting and applying the Prevailing Wage Statute.