Boston Employment Lawyers

Our Most Important Case: YOURS.
Our Most Important Client: YOU.

The Law Office of Joseph L. Sulman provides superior legal counseling and litigation services in employment law and civil rights. We regularly represent clients before state and federal courts and administrative bodies. Some of our most frequent clients are members of police and fire departments. We advocate for them in private negotiations, litigation, and at the Massachusetts Civil Service Commission. Yet whether you are a police lieutenant or a low-wage worker, the driving principle behind our practice is the same: “Every case is unique, and every client is the most important client.”

Consistent with this approach, we take each case as an opportunity to solve a special problem. We believe that the practice of law should be a profession before it is a business. It requires commitment, honesty, and understanding the client’s needs. Those needs must be addressed through a tailored strategy, although the ultimate objective remains the same: bringing a prompt and satisfying resolution to the client’s problem.

We have substantial experience in employment litigation, particularly employee-side representation. We frequently pursue claims for wage and hour law violations, unpaid overtime, independent contractor misclassification, and employment discrimination. We have significant experience in representing public safety employees, civil service appeals, and areas of civil rights such as school bullying. Many of our cases go to a full trial. Although this is always a last resort, our attorneys have the tenacity and experience to effectively represent any client in court or in an alternative dispute resolution forum. Our office is located in Waltham, but we represent clients throughout Massachusetts.

We believe the attorney-client relationship requires the highest level of attention and commitment to your particular needs. Your calls and inquiries will be answered promptly. We represent each client diligently and zealously, but also provide a frank assessment when a case or issue presents difficulties.