Litigation Concerning Grievances

Grievance Litigation

Union workers are entitled to request that grievances be filed on their behalf for a wide variety of matters addressed or covered under collective bargaining agreements.  In some circumstances, in addition to (or possibly in lieu of) such grievances, an employee may also be entitled to seek recourse through civil litigation, such as if the employee was subjected to illegal discrimination or harassment, or illegal retaliation.

Our firm represents employees in a wide variety of matters that can arise in the workplace.  If a union declines to pursue a grievance, we can pursue such matter on behalf of the affected employee.  Similarly, in cases of illegal discrimination, harassment, retaliation, or other matters, we are also available to represent workers in pursuit of civil remedies, damages, and compensation against the employer through litigation.

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If you were subjected to illegal treatment, please call our firm to learn what other options you may have in addition to filing a grievance through your union.

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