Boston Employment Lawyer and Discrimination Attorney

Representing Clients Throughout Massachusetts

We represent and provide legal counsel to clients in a wide variety of employment-related matters, including:

We Represent Employees and Professionals

Our firm’s employment practice is focused first and foremost on representing employees.  We know that the scale is tipped to favor of the company, because it has all the documents and resources at its disposal. We pride ourselves in leveling the playing field for our clients and making the company and its lawyers fear you, not the other way around.

We are available to represent employees and professionals in virtually all types of jobs and professions, including:

  • Hospitality workers
  • Workers employed by manufacturing, service, and other industries
  • Civil service employees
  • Union workers
  • College and university professors
  • Physicians and Attorneys
  • Other professionals

Our Record of Success

Over the course of years of client representation, we have achieved successful outcomes for numerous clients through negotiation, arbitration, settlements, mediation, administrative hearings, and trial.  We have significant experience with federal and state employment laws and have helped many clients receive compensation for lost wages and other employment-related damages. We are outcome-focused – we seek to achieve client objectives through non-litigation approaches whenever possible; and litigation and trial when necessary.

We are your voice.  Employers want employees to feel powerless against their teams of lawyers.  We level the playing field and demand justice, fair compensation for wrongdoing, and the end to illegal work practices.

We Invite You to Call Our Firm to Learn if We Can Help

We offer a free phone call consultation so that we can learn about your case to determine if we can be of help.

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