Medical, Legal, and Other Professional Practice Groups

Medical, legal, and other professional practice groups have unique legal matters concerning the manner in which the practice group operates, and by which members are admitted and potentially asked to leave.  Our firm is experienced in such matters, and we represent those in professional groups with respect to both the review of admitting agreements (such as partnership agreements) as well as those to whom severance agreements have been offered.

Severance Agreements and Decisions to Remove a Partner

We represent those who are being asked to leave (or who are being forced out) of professional practice groups.  In many instances, these decisions can be highly acrimonious, as the person being asked to leave may not want to go, and who may have played a large part in contributing to the success of the practice group.

In almost all cases, there will be a number of highly contentious issues, including property and ownership rights in the group, the buyout terms, potential non-compete agreements, potential issues concerning existing clients and work, and many other matters.  In some cases, a partnership or ownership agreement may address some of the issues that will arise; in other cases, there may not even be a partnership or ownership agreement in place that will even address the buyout of a departing partner or owner (or such provisions may be wholly inadequate in addressing all matters that must be considered).

Our Advice and Representation

We provide advice, counsel, and representation in seeking the best outcome for departing partners or owners based upon objectives and legal positions.  In addition to developing a strategy based upon such objectives, we negotiate with the remaining partners or their legal counsel, thus alleviating a departing partner from having to negotiate directly with the other members of the practice group.

In some situations, negotiating the terms of a separation can become extremely adversarial.  We are adept at seeking ways to resolve matters in a cost-efficient and timely manner; often through mediation or even arbitration.  If necessary, we are prepared to go to trial in seeking the best outcome for a client.

If You Are Asked to Leave a Professional Practice, Find Out How We Can Help

We offer a free consultation so that we may learn about your situation, and so that we can explain how we may be able to assist you.

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