Wrongful Professional Employment Termination

If you’ve been wrongly terminated as a professional, chances are that you won’t be able to quickly move into a new position with a similar salary and benefits.  In fact, some studies suggest that it often takes a professional one month to find a new position for every $10,000 in salary made by the professional.

Another reality for older professionals (especially those over age 50) is that many companies simply do not want to hire older workers, even though there are laws against age discrimination. Thus, with older professionals, it’s not simply the case where a professional does not want to accept a new position because of a lower offered salary, it more often may be the case that the professional will have a difficult time getting an offer for any comparable position.

As a result, if you are a professional who has been wrongly terminated, it is important to protect your rights, as your future career may be adversely impacted. 

Our firm represents professionals who are wrongly terminated.  In addition to showing the illegal wrongdoing involving the termination itself, we are tenacious in seeking the full damages which our clients have suffered.  In doing so, we may retain compensation and job experts in the area in our client’s profession to show a jury the full long-term impact of the financial damages suffered as a result of a wrongful termination.

In addition to the termination itself, a wrongful termination in many professions can leave a social stigma with the person terminated, making finding gainful employment in the profession much more difficult.  It will also be appropriate that a jury understands this aspect and the hurdles being faced so that appropriate damages can be awarded.

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