Wage and Hour Claims

The Law Office of Joseph L. Sulman, Esq., regularly represents clients who have not been paid their full wages, commissions, tips, and other forms of compensation. Massachusetts has one of the strictest set of wage and hour laws in the country. Employers can violate the law by not paying the minimum wage, failing to pay or properly account for overtime, failing to reimburse for business expenses, not paying commissions, or keeping any portion of a tip or gratuity from service staff. An employer is also prohibited from retaliating against an employee who raises a complaint about possible wage law violations. You have the legal right to raise concerns about unlawful employment actions without the fear or reprisal. Joseph Sulman regularly represents individuals with claims related to unpaid wages.

A claim for unpaid commissions presents unique and challenging legal problems. Disputes often arise over whether the employee completed the necessary work to trigger a commission, how the commission is calculated, and when the commission is due. Joseph Sulman has special expertise in this area, having represented individuals with six-figure claims for commissions unfairly withheld.

Employers also violate the law by misclassifying their employees as "independent contractors." By doing so, they reduce their costs because they do not pay these workers overtime, or provide workers' compensation insurance or health benefits, and they do not pay payroll taxes. However, an employer must satisfy strict requirements under Massachusetts law to classify its workers as "independent contractors" rather than employees. Often times, the classification is used merely as a cover to reduce expenses. We have been involved in numerous independent contractor disputes and can determine whether you have been misclassified and what rights you have. We provide dedicated, knowledgeable advocacy to help you obtain back-pay and all other damages to which you are entitled.